Food Therapy

Food Medicine


Chapter I. Typical Cases of Health Rejuvenation proves that by a regular and systematic use of live whole foodstuffs a person can improve the entire body chemistry and thereby tend to renewal of a state of youthfulness and lengthened span of life. (Read Ps. 103:5.)

Chapter II. The Live Food Juice Therapy shows that when sick, there is difficulty in ingesting sufficient food for rebuilding of vitality, whereas live food juices tend to revitalize and regenerate the entire being.

Chapter III. Building the Body By Food shows that a regular use of whole foodstuffs causes the flame of life to burn high, whereas, devitalized foodstuffs favor old age and premature decay.

Chapter IV. The Science of Practical Dietetics assist in acquirement of suitable food for maintenance of health and youthfulness. Chapter V. Our Health Problems show the importance of careful planning of the daily food so as to avoid unbalance in the food supply.

Chapter VI. For Body Cleansing and Health Building assists in avoidance of deficiency diseases through biological feeding and rebuilding of the physical powers.

Chapter VII. Diet and the Healing Art shows that wild animals and birds build flesh, and bone, and skin, by use of whole foodstuffs that are rich in live food mineral and vitamin and that manufactured foods, generally, are too concentrated for construction of health.

Chapter VIII. Disease Prevention Through Suitable Food shows that diseases are often due in part, at least, to a departure from the normal through creation and retention of surplus body waste in the blood and the tissue-fluids.
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