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PASTEUR: PLAGIARIST, IMPOSTER!: The Germ Theory Exploded! by Robert Pearson.

An expose' of the falsity of the germ theory of the medical profession.

Publishd 1942



Prior History of the Germ Theory

Bechamp, Pasteur & Fermentation

Vinous Fermentation

Bechampís Microzymas or Little Bodies

Silk Worm Disease - Another Steal

Pasteur Also A Faker - Antisepsis

Are Biologicals Injurious?

Animal Serology - Anthrax

Real Immunity


Pasteur, a Chemist, stole his theory from Bechamp, who was a real Scientist.

The real history of the germ theory as never before told! This booktears down the complete theory of the germ which is the basis of the medical profession.

Germs are actually scavengers feeding upon waste matter and do not cause disease per se, says the author and many others.

Every student of natural healing should have this book!

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