There is now a remedy that can help reduce and even eliminate the misery of stomach flu, and symptoms of food poisoning.

Stom-Flu is specifically designed to help you quickly get over the stomach flu and intestinal ailments which include stomach pain, nausea, watery diarrhea, and “out of it” feeling. It is also useful in food poisoning.

Our area just had a bad round of stomach flu. I got it, as did my wife and our kids and grandkids. I developed Stom-Flu to help my family get over this quickly. Everyone using this remedy was virtually over the symptoms within 8-12 hours. No more 3-4 days, or more! I am now making it available to our Life Quest family.

In addition, Stom-Flu is designed as is ChemBuster, to be able to pick up orgone (bio-) energy from orgonite to increase its effectiveness exponentially. Simply place Stom-Flu next to some orgonite such as a tower buster (or if you have it next to a Don Croft Terminator Zapper) for 10 minutes or so, and it will transfer the bioenergy into the Stom-Flu remedy for your body’s use.

Stom-Flu can be taken as a prophylactic or when the problem strikes. The earlier the better. Everyone should have a couple bottles in their medicine cabinet!

1 fluid oz. Use as per directions, or according to your health care professional.

For prophylaxis: 10 drops adults, 5 drops children, once daily.
For stomach flu or food poisoning: 10 drops every 45-60 minutes until symptoms abate, then 2-3 times daily for 3-4 days thereafter.

Note: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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