AO-1100 Aqua Optimizer/Water Energizer

AO-1100 Aqua Optimizer/Water Energizer
It is a special dual purpose Chi Generator® - made of Super Orgonite®. It revitalizes water and it charges the revitalized water with Life Energy, Prana, or Chi, resulting the "LivingWater"

When charging purified water, the AO 1100 Aqua Optimizer™

  • Removes the noxious information,
  • Replaces it with the original, beneficial water information – as if it came from an energetically healthy mountain spring, and
  • Saturates it with Life Force

Living water that is charged with Life Force (Chi energy) stays fresh much longer as a result of significant microbiological changes towards a healthy environment

  • A taste that's excellent, to the point of being addictive
  • A softer "feel" when you reach into it
  • A powerful feeling of being energized after you drink it
  • A better taste of food and drinks and longer life
  • It enhances the growth of plants. This is plainly visible: stronger plants, more blossoms and larger and better tasting fruit, and more beautiful flowers
  • It can save you laundry powder ans being saturated with Life Force, it keeps helping the environment even after use
  • It is attractive to animals. Especially cats feel attracted to water that has been revitalized by means of saturation with Life Force (Chi & Orgone)
  • Most important of all, you have a lot of energy & vitality after you drink it!
Don't just filter your water,
Energize it & bring it back to life!
Our Price: $149.00

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