Basic Manifestation Program

Basic Manifestation Program

RI 2400 CD - The Basic Manifestation Program

The Manifestation Programs™: Basic Manifestation Program and the Manifestation Program for Weight Management

The purpose of the Manifestation Programs is to establish structural links to targets of your operations such as to other persons or to yourself on the one hand, and to specific actions on the other, which you coordinate in the program. The purpose of a Chi Generator® is the generating of life force, or Chi energy. The M 2400 CD is a Power Manifestation Program, and this is so, because you can connect it structurally with a Chi Generator®, which adds Power to your operations for manifestation.

Manifestation™ Programs are designed to help you to:

Get Assured Success Faster and Easier
Results are More Effective and Far Reaching than ever

Just run it for a couple of hours and expect results !!!

Our Price: $169.00

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