Corona Kit

Corona Kit

The Corona Kit is a kit to cover the evolving Corona virus (some say new releases of COVID virus) to cover the varying expressions of the virus in individuals and families.

Contains 1 oz. Orona-Quest, 1 oz. Imu-Stimu, 1 oz. ChemBuster and 1 oz. Bronchi-Quest.

Corona-Quest is a homeopathic electro-potency designed to stimulate and aid the body’s immune system in identifying and eliminating the SARS-Covid-19 virus.
Contains homeopathic electropotencies of: Gels., Eup. perf., Bapt., SARS, Covid-19, 30X, 30C.

ChemBuster is a homeo/herbal designed for symptoms of aerial spraying. See the product page for more information as well as our separate webpage at www.chembuster.us

Bronchi-Quest is designed for symptoms of upper bronchial respiratory problems including pneumonia. See the product page for more information.

Imu-Stimu is an herbal formula which has been called a "drug store in a bottle". It covers everything from sore throats, to bacterial and viral infections. See the product page for more infomration.

Prepare your family for the COVID upgrades, mutations and seasonal symptoms now.

Note: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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