Homeopathy Course 2

Homeopathy Course 2

Homeopathy Course II

Non-credit course. Advanced Homeopathy and the practice of Homeopathy.

Consists of:

Lesson 5 - The Miasms

Lesson 6 - Sycosis and Syphilis

Lesson 7 - Pseudo-Psor and Tuberculinism

Lesson 8 - Taking a Case

Lesson 9 - Typical Cases

Lesson 10 - Importance of Prescribing Correctly

Lesson 11 - Schuessler's Cell Salts

Recommended Books for the Course (available from www.minimum.com):

Comparison of the Chronic Miasms, By Phyllis Speight.

Dictionary of Materia Medica, By Dr. J.H. Clarke.

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