SZP 20 - Chi Generator Filter Pack

SZP 20 - Chi Generator Filter Pack

SZP 20 - Stress-Zapper/Energy-Booster Pack - 20 cards

We live in an era that is a multiple daily challenge to our body, mind, and emotions. This is so, because the place where we are working is not safe, the food that we are eating is not safe, and the environment in which we are living is not safe. Therefore, the demands of life are often more than our body and mind can handle. The usual results are enormous stress, lack of energy and overweight. That’s where the Stress Zapper and Energy Booster Pack comes to your relief, and it certainly can be a significant help in weight loss! Use this set of tools one to two hours a day, and you will notice a significant difference in how you feel: relaxed and invigorated! More importantly, you can get a lot more done than before and you are going to get it done well!
A combination with Autogenic Training is excellent for this purpose. For the person ionvolved in sports, body building and exercises, this is extraordinary performance enhancement that defies detection!!!

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