Chi-Card® for nine months -

Chi-Card® for nine months -

Chi-Card® for nine months -

If you don't have, or can't afford, a Chi Generator; or just want to try out Welz chi power? This is for you.

The Chi-Card® you will receive is connected to a Welz Chi Generator so the card can be used to enhance your personal chi, run improvement programs using Filter Packs, etc.

You will receive your Chi-Card® by e-mail (.jpg format) and you can print it yourself. Each Chi-Card® is unique and only works for you alone.

Fee for 9 months - $29.00 + $10.00 setup fee.

Setup Fee - Payable only once, at the first order of personal Chi-Card®

Total cost for 9 months - $39.00

Our Price: $39.00

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